Clatch Bag | Material ConneXion Tokyo


This project started with the material: dyed veneer.
Thin slices of natural wood bleached and then coated with a light-resistant dye.
Although dyed veneer has long been used in applications such as the interior panels of luxury cars, we conceived of other applications and crafting methods from scratch that are better suited to maximize the features of the material, bringing out the texture and warmth unique to dyed veneer, as well as the silky wood grain and vividness of the dye colors.
This is how we came up with the idea of using the material to design a bag.
After a process of trial and error to improve the suitability of dyed veneer for use in a bag, we finally developed a brand new material: veneer bonded with natural leather.Bonding with natural leather made the normally brittle veneer amazingly pliable, even allowing it to be sewn.
This is how we developed our line of "Supple" bags.
We selected dyed birdseye maple veneer as the main material. And making use of its graceful form, we designed a range of clutch bags that can also be used as shoulder bags.
The distinct appearance, texture, and taste of these bags bring the new possibilities of material application to life.

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo