Comfortable Innovation.


目新しさや斬新さにとらわれるのではなく、本質的な課題を見出し、最適な価値・体験を最大限なかたちとして生み出す。DESIGN FOR INDUSTRYは、一過性・一方向的なのものではなく、持続性・双方向性のある新しさを描き出し、社会のなか・生活のなかに溶け込む「心地よい革新」を創造します。

We aim not to get caught up in designs for sheer novelty’s sake, but rather to find the fundamental areas that need to be addressed, and bring about the best value and user experience possible in an optimum design. Rather than transient, one-sided things, DESIGN FOR INDUSTRY aims to create a fresh feel with durability and interactivity, and to realize “comfortable innovation” that blends into society and everyday life.

Design for Industry.


DESIGN FOR INDUSTRYは、新しさや美しさや使いやすさはもちろん、新たな一歩を共に作り出し、わたしたちのデザインを通じて関わる全てのひとと共に幸せのきっかけを築き上げたいと考えています。


We always think about newness, beauty, and comfortable use, and we devote ourselves to creating things with meticulous attention to detail, in close collaboration with all of the people who conceive, make, and sell them. We pour great care into designing things that will embody a shared achievement and will be completely satisfying for the long term.

Through design, we try to not only solve existing problems, but to find points of view and techniques that did not exist before. In doing so, we’re striving to invent new potential with our partners, which results in an abundant and plentiful future in everything from business through to daily life.

From Material to Solution.


DESIGN FOR INDUSTRYでは、"素材"の特性を把握し、最大限に活かし、新たな価値を創造します。
研究機関における要素技術の用途開発や事業化構想、新素材の開発 / 応用、ロボティクス / Iot / 家電といったデジタル機器、家具、照明、日用品、テキスタイルなどのプロダクトデザイン、CMF(カラー、マテリアル、フィニッシュ)デザイン、など多彩なプロジェクト / テーマのデザイン開発に携わり、その多角的な視点をもって、国内外のクライアントと協業しております。


We cooperate with both domestic and overseas clients from a variety of viewpoints. Focusing on product design and creative direction, we work on the development of new applications and commercialization planning for underlying technologies established by research institutions and advanced materials research and development. We design for various projects and themes including digital devices (robotics, IoT and consumer appliances), furniture, lighting, daily necessities, and textiles.

We carry out comprehensive development support for everything from branding and product planning to basic design research, in addition to R&D and support for structural planning and die development using 3D CAD software.


北川 大輔 | Daisuke Kitagawa
Founder / Designer

1982  滋賀県生まれ
2005  金沢美術工芸大学デザイン科製品デザイン専攻を卒業
2005-   株式会社NECデザインに入社
2015    株式会社DESIGN FOR INDUSTRYを設立
2015-   金沢美術工芸大学 非常勤講師
2016-   東北芸術工科大学 特別講師

1982 Born in Shiga, Japan.
2005 Graduated from the Kanazawa College of Art,
             Design Department, Product Design Major.
2005-   Joined NEC design Co., Ltd.
2011-   Started acting as DAISUKE KITAGAWA DESIGN.
2015-   Lecturer for Kanazawa College of Art.
2016-   Lecturer for Tohoku University of Art & Design.