stackable armchair | prototype

この椅子をデザインするに当たって、もっとも大切にした考えは「適材適所」です。 椅子として、要所ごとに最適な素材や造形を用いることで生まれる「合理性と美しさ」を目指しました。 人と触れ合う部分には優しく心地よい木材を、人を支える部分には強固で安定した金属を用いることで、機能性はもちろんそれぞれの素材による美しいコントラストも生まれました。さらに椅子としてより良く機能するためにスタッキングも可能にしました。4脚まで積み重ねられるので、コントラクトな空間にも適しています。もちろん、座り心地の良さにも細心の注意を払い、細部まで「適材適所」のデザインをしています。

Considering that there are already a number of chairs that are considered masterpieces in the world, we wanted to design a new kind of chair. We didn't simply want it to be novel and unique. We started to think of the purpose for giving birth to something new, and strove to design it carefully. From this was born "struct." The most important concept for the design was "the right tool for the job." Our objective was to create a logical and beautiful chair that has the optimum material and shape for every key location. The areas of the chair that we touch are made of gentle and comfortable wood, and the parts that support us are made from solid, stable metal. Of course, each material is functional, but they also achieve a beautiful contrast. To make these chairs even more functional, we have made them stackable. They can be stacked four high, so they are perfect for use in public spaces. Naturally, we paid meticulous attention to making it comfortable to sit in, and designed every detail to make it "the right tool for the job."

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo