lighting | prototype


How can the “shadows” of a lighting device be designed to make the light stand out and enhance an interior space? And can the lighting device serve some other function in a bright environment, when the light is off? These are the questions that gave rise to “MOON.” 
MOON is a large flat-topped standalone hemispherical lamp that is placed on the ground to illuminate the area around the feet. When the lamp is on, the shadows cast by the gold-colored glow of the flat top makes the light appear like a crescent moon when viewed from the side and like an eclipse of the moon when viewed from above. And the light from the hemispherical shade makes MOON appear like a table floating in space.
Even when the lamp is off, the flat top, which has a mirror plane that glitters finely through its matte surface, accents the surrounding space, and the crater-like shadows it casts give rise to both texture and a rich visual expressiveness by means of its slightly hollowed, gently concave surface.
The lamp softly illuminates the space like the glow of the moon on a clear night and like the white moon in a daytime sky, its visual presence remains compelling even in a bright environment.

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo