candle holder | prototype


There is a wide variety of tea light candle holders in the world, but the majority of them are compact and short. We designed "lighthouse" to be a candle holder that gives off light from a height. Designed on the concept of a lighthouse that stands on a promontory, it is a symbolic yet intimate and charming object that has been shrunk to a size that fits into your hand. It is made of porcelain that has been fired at a high temperature without the use of glaze. Naturally, they are fire and heat resistant, but the fine texture conveys a feeling of intimacy. In addition, the thin walls make them highly translucent, allowing them to radiate the warmth and light of the candle. Since they are tall, the candle holder can be held in your hand without feeling hot even while the candle at the top is lit. The lighthouse shape emits luminescence that softly illuminates your table and reminds you of a peaceful scene.

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo