wall shelf | prototype


Chigai-dana is a part of design style of sukiya-zukuri, a Japanese residential architectural style.
This traditional form, historically used for display shelves, never seems to get old. It remains beautiful today.
The design of “LAYER” grew out of a desire to lightheartedly adapt this traditional stylistic beauty to a contemporary lifestyle.
From the concept of combining the appearance of a display shelf with practical utility, the idea of a storage cabinet with glass doors emerged.  Mysteriously, it’s hard to tell if the cabinet is closed or open. Its simple, unique presence lingers in the living space, unmistakably an item of furniture for storage, yet serving also as a display shelf expressing the individuality of the user.
To lend the design a new expression and function, a multilayer film deposition process—like that used with sunglasses—was applied to the glass to create a “half-mirror” effect.
Rather than simply closing the cabinet to hide away the contents, this glass functions as mirror to reveal them.
With its wide, horizontal form that recalls traditional chigai-dana and richly expressive glass doors, LAYER lends naturalness and familiarity to an interior space, while making a radically new kind of visual impact.

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo