center table | prototype


Center tables are used in the living room. While they have a large tabletop with plenty of space, they could be designed even better for relieving the heavy look and broadening usefulness. We wanted a center table that was still plenty spacious, but was lighter in feeling and easier to use, and could be adapted to the occasion. That is the concept behind "Floe." This center table is built on a reflective stainless steel base, and has a tabletop that can be rearranged with the use of two plates of colored glass . While retaining the conventional top surface, the layout can be freely rearranged, depending on needs, to have different levels and to have space beneath the top surface, which wasn't possible before. Also, arranging the colored glass in different ways can affect great change on the appearance. Like ice floating in the ocean, the combination of colored glass and mirrored base which reflects space creates a light feeling that doesn't weigh down the room, but is richly expressive, lending your living room a new sense of ease and usefulness.

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo