lighting | prototype


There are streetlights throughout the world, along sidewalks and roads in the city, and in parks. They are always unobtrusive, sticking straight up out of the ground, valiantly casting light on dark roads at night, performing their purpose, while blending into the city, normally unnoticed by the people that pass them by. However, everything from their overall shape to their individual parts is unique, and they are an essential part of the scenery of our cities.
We have designed "street" on this same streetlight concept, so as well as providing a necessary function, it is also unobtrusively valiant and definitively unique.
Rather than having it come directly out of the base, the narrow post runs alongside it, making it conspicuous, as well as simplifying the wiring. The large, thin, round lighting portion is the same thickness as the post, giving it both a modest yet memorable appearance. In addition, thanks to a hinge on the post, the angle of the light can be changed, so its shape can be altered from a single line to a large circle, allowing you to give either direct or indirect light, depending on the circumstances, while changing the visual impression. This is a functional and unique lighting fixture, that also blends into its surroundings.

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo