easy chair | prototype


The end seat on a train, the window seat of an airplane, the corner room of apartment block, the edge of a sofa.
In all these cases, there is something about being in the “corner” that makes people feel at ease
In light of this observation, “CORNER” was designed with generous dimensions and a distinctive backrest.
The signature L-shaped backrest simultaneously confers an enveloping sense of security and a wide-open feeling of spaciousness. The seat is open in two directions, so the chair can be approached from both of these. This enables it to accommodate the inclinations of any user without causing any sitting discomfort.
The dimensions of 750 × 750 mm, which lie somewhere between those of a chair and a sofa, permit ease and relaxation.
The inside of the chair gives the impression of comfort and softness, due to the tense, rotund form, while the outside evokes a flatness and sharpness that harmonizes with any kind of space. Thus, a single chair embodies a pleasant contrast.
Placing the chairs side by side, or back to back, produces an even greater sense of openness and relaxing space.

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo