Pocket WiFi 601ZT

mobile router | Softbank


The functions and design concepts of mobile routers these days, such as those featuring touch panel LCD displays, give the impression that they are becoming more and more smartphone-like in their design. At some point, their standard shape became uniformly rectangular.
We didn’t want to be bound by that conventional perspective, but rather, elected to re-examine the correlation between where the device is used, how it is carried, the hands that touch it, and the other devices it works with. In doing so, we aimed to find an “all-new standard shape” for mobile routers. The design we arrived at, which appears simple at first glance, because nearly all of its lines are curves, has a unique shape and feel. Its rounded-square format and separated top and bottom halves are sure to become a new icon in this field.

Photographer : Hisashi Kudo